NuVissa Before and After Customer Photos

Plasma Pen Blepharoplasty

Do you have undesired wrinkles around the eyes called crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between your eyes called the glabella, or loose or crepe skin on your eyelids?

Our very own @btmedicalinnovations
sales consultant Trevor Fugazzi had his deep crow’s feet and forehead wrinkle treatment performed with our handheld @nuvissaofficial plasma pen in under 10 minutes!

You be the judge of the results.

Ophthalmology groups who perform surgical blephs like @bowdeneye_ , Katzen Eye, and Dr. Nick Uzcategui are performing non surgical eye lifts, treatment crepe skin and getting rid of lumps and bumps around the eyes without cutting, sutures, or cellular death.

Dermatologists like Dr. Kate Holcomb at @puredermnola and Dr. Patricia Hickham at @hickhamderm, are doing the same and bringing in an entire new revenue stream being able to treat the upper and lower lids.

Facial and plastic surgeons like
@carloswolfmd and @jeffreymhartogand his talented wife and NP @michelleaprn at @bougainvilleaclinique have also adopted our handheld technology!

What aesthetic device have you purchased for under 10k and paid it off with 6-10 procedures?

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