Anti-aging moisturizing electrophoresis is suitable for all skin types, especially aging skin, skin in need of quick recovery, and dark skin. The effect of anti-aging electrophoresis helps to eliminate toxins, increase metabolism and make skin rosier and fresher and is suitable for sensitive skin.

In addition to using a moisturizing serum, you can also add anti-aging essence, to eliminate keratinocytes, and fade dark spots, while moisturizing, bright skin and even improve skin tone.

Mechanism of action

When using anti-aging electrophoresis, DC current increases the permeability of the cell membrane by causing the movement of charged molecules in solution under the influence of an electric field. Positively charged essences will be pushed into the skin by the positively charged electrophoresis head and absorbed deep into the skin by the negative electrode. Thanks to that, it is possible to deliver nutrients through the outermost stratum corneum and deep into the dermis layer of the skin without using needles, without causing any damage to the skin. This method helps to increase the absorption of nutrients by nearly 1,000 times compared to the conventional application method.

The NuVissa Electrophoresis Technique will deliver results you want with no pain, no downtime or risks associated with other skin rejuvenation Techniques. The NuVissa Electrophoresis Technique is a non-invasive technique that can eliminate wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, fight acne, and brighten skin. The Technique by plasma discharge is a completely natural process and the desired effect is achieved thanks to physiological processes. Experience results, improved wrinkles, and fine lines with no surgery. No chemical substances are injected into the skin. Lastly, this technique will allow you to treat all Fitzpatrick Skin Types!

This technology helps lift and rejuvenate the skin with plasma energy, and does so safely, with no downtime. While it takes multiple sessions to achieve full results, the NuVissa Plasma Electrophoresis Technique is one of the best ways to treat the skin especially if you cannot tolerate down- time, and do not want to go through the epidermal barrier of skin.

The NuVissa Plasma Electrophoresis Technique helps tighten skin, produce collagen, improve elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. This is very effective in areas where before there were no non-surgical options. NuVissa Electrophoresis Technique is Safe, consistent, and effective.

How to Use


Step 1. Select the probe to be used.

Step 2. Screw the selected probe into the NuVissa Pen

Step 3. Make sure NuVissa Pen is “Fully Charged.”

Step 4.Turn the NuVissa unit on and place into continuous mode (red light on) do not plug unit onto the wall. Use battery D/C power only.

Step 5. Place a small amount of serum on the area to be treated.

Step 6. Treat in quadrants generally the face is four quadrants. Starting at the bottom quadrant slowly make 5 passes for the entire quadrant and then move on.

Step 7. Treatment time will take 20 -30 minutes for face.

Step 8. Put on Post- Procedure product.

Treatments can be done every 48 hours and can be used on all skin types.